Should my daughter be an only child?

Sometimes I just tweet my thoughts and then I wonder if I should have tried writing all the tweets as a blog instead. Well, so today I’ll just put here of tweets I put out earlier today…

My wife gets so stressed being a mom and thinking back to how challenging her pregnancy and labor was, I do wonder a lot if our daughter maybe shd be an only child. Ultimately of course my wife has the final say. I just often wonder about this these days.

I was reading an article today about initiatives to try to support more girls and women learn about and get into game development. I think these kinds of initiaves are great and needed things. For me, I’d like to present my daughter with all kinds of options on what she wld like her future career or trade to be.

It did make me wonder though, if she ends up being an only child, maybe that factor can pressure her into a profession or a career that she thinks wld be more impactful to her parents and/or to society, but not necessarily one she would just enjoy pursuing for herself.

Im an only child and I ponder it sort of has been like that for me.

My father’s a pastor and my mom is a nurse. They have both been so devoted to being in the service of other people in their various communities that they lived in. As an only child, I always had in the back of my mind that I was in a way bearing their legacy.

I think I probably would have really enjoyed being a historian or a writer or a farm hand. I do think being an only child did have some tiny impact where social work ended up being the most compelling career choice for me.

Perhaps I’m overthinking this. Even if my girl has no siblings she cld def still do whatver she wants. I’d do my best to be supportive.

But I do also think there will be less pressure on who she believes she shd be if she had siblings who also could choose to do whatever.

My wife is still pretty adamant that she would ike to have 3 kids. I do think that’d be nice.

I just can see how ridiculously tough it is to be pregnant and then to be a mom. There are lots of times I wish I could’ve helped to lessen the challenge but I of course couldn’t.

I just worry a lot about my wife. If my baby girl being an only child means that my wife is at her healthiest and sanest and happiest, then that ultimately is what I wld always choose if givdn the choice.

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  1. wow, I definitely haven’t written here in a loooong while for this to be my most recent post. so yea, this whole post has been made completely moot 6 months ago cause I have 2 children now lol


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