how Social Work is feeling like while COVID19 scare is still in effect

I feel like the things we social workers can encourage to a person experiencing depression/anxiety is so limited these days.

Today I asked a client what they do that can help them cope better. The reply was that they like to take their kids to parks but cant rly do that much now

I suggested a big local park that is not populated much and we ended up talking about the hours in the day that the park usually doesn’t have much people. This focus on logistics of what time to go to the park to still be able to somewhat practice social distancing to me felt a bit sad.

There’s also another facet of their kids living with serious depression/anxiety symptoms and they feel trapped in the shelter. They are not able to process like they were able to with their school friends as much.

I’m unsure what helpful insight I can share to them nowadays.

I feel like there is only so much one can do when they feel like they have to stay indoors away from everyone as much as possible or to keep distance from others with a mask on when outside. This is not easy for anyone but I can only imagine what it’s like for my clients.

A lot of the clients share to me that they want just want to be out of the shelter and living on their own. I personally wonder though how they would still have difficult challenges even after moving out to their own homes

Certainly having a home of your own solves a lot of things, no doubt. Homelessness and poverty is one of the most stressful and frustrating of human conditions. But I think these times are really just difficult times for people regardless, esp for those living w/mh symptoms

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