Why LMSW / LCSW doesn’t matter all that much to me

For either the LMSW or the LCSW, when I attained those credentials, I did not feel any more skilled or knowledgeable afterwards. All that I did for each was pay around $300 and pass an exam. That was it. I’m glad to be licensed of course as that has broadened my chances for better job opportunities and such, but other than that, I can’t really say it has been all that pertinent to how I do social work.

why I think policing ends up being racist in USA

I think what often gets overlooked about the problem of police brutality and racist policing in America is how these issues stem from larger ingrained societal and systemic factors. Meanwhile, I also think two things happen simultaneously that: (1) we rely on police too often for too many different things; and (2) police have too much authority and power.

Practicing “safe sleep” is not easy

I think it's easy to tell parents what to do and how they should raise their kids and whatnot. But even practicing safe sleep, which on paper is such a simple concept, I can now understand firsthand why many families feel too overwhelmed and over-burdened to do it.

The trust we take for granted

What I have learned from doing social work is that society requires us to put trust in so many things and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and most times, we just take it all for granted.

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